St. Patricks Dayimage012

St. Patricksday is the most famous green fun day for everybody in the Shamrock.
Our corned beef which we are cooking outside in the big Cooker, what looks like a submarine, taste is really tender, juicy and delicious. Every year we are cooking around 800 to 900 pound.
On this special day it’s a joy for our employees to decorate the Shamrock in green and they turn also in little Leprechauns.
People from Floral City and far away joining us every year at the 17th of March to celebrate this day with us.
Green beer is guaranteed; also the face painter will be in the Shamrock.
Kenny and Dave our Live Band called Dynamic Duo, sometimes other singers and players join them, bringing a lot of fun and the right Irish Atmosphere in the Patricksday. We would love to see you here to celebrate this special day with us.
Our picture will whet your appetite for Great Food - Great Friends and a Great Time. here for more pictures

Floral City Strawberry Festival

strawberry festival  The most popular festival of the year by far ist the Floral City Strawberry Festival on the first
  weekend of March. It's worth the trip to just to taste the strawberry shortcake. You can even
  stay and listen to music. Or finding something for your home from the multiple Vendors. here for more information

Heritage Festivalheritage 01

As the sun sets, traffic is stopped and flickering luminaries along the Avenue of Oaks create an atmosphere
of days past. Residents and visitors stroll Orange Avenue under the historic oak trees, where lights and
shadows created by the luminary candles dance among the leaves. Huge branches reach across the Avenue
as if to embrace, and friends greet friends as the stroll through the evening.
On continous residential home in Citrus County, the wagons and horses are decorated for the holidays and ready to provide a ride down the Avenue. For the first time this year, visitors will be able to select
a time for their wagon ride sothat they can visit the Museum, have a bite of dinner, or visit a porch
sing-a-long. You want to know what was happening in the past here in Floral City, visit the Heritage Museum,
which is open on Friday from 10:00 - 14:00 or Saturday from 10:00 - 14:00. here for more information

Martha Produce Stand

aunt martha 01  By Martha you will find all kinds of fresh vegetables, fruit, especially Honey from around Floral City.
  All kind of good Stuff. Martha is open all the year around. here for more information


Red Brick PlaceRed Brick Place

...have a lot of nice presents. High-quality and unique gifts for everybody. Find something nice for friends,
family or a person who deserve it. You definitely find something beauftiful. here for more information

Wayne's Citrus Cycle

 motorcycle service 02Citrus Cycle was a lawnmower shop before Wayne changed it in an amazing Motorcycle Shop.
 Let inspire you from his ideas and imagination. He has a long-time experience and could build
 you an motorcycle after your wishes and ideas. here for more information

Ferris GrovesFerris Groves

Get the fresh Strawberries, Blueberries and Oranges which growing around the corner on the field from Ferris Grove. Beef from her own grown Steers or a delicious Strawberry Smoothie. Honey, Jelly all kind of tasteful Goodies. Spoil yourself a little bit. here for more information

Trailside.Bike LLC

Known for recumbent trikes from a lot of brands, step in the shop and get your bike of your dream
  or rent a bike and cycle on the beautiful Trail.
 here for more information


Frog HollerFrog Holler

Eclectic Mix of antiques, novelties and garden gnomes with Live Music on weekends.
A Florida original! here for more information

Flowers by Barbara Inc.

Bild  Whether You Prefer a Look that is Classic and Traditional, Modern and Trendy, Soft and Romantic
  or Unusual and Offbeat.... you will find it in her shop. here for more information


Step into Old Florida and experience Floral City